A step-by-step system to manifest your
ideal clients, get paid what you’re worth,
and ENJOY growing your conscious business!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been putting SO much work, and getting only a fraction of the results you want
  • You feel completely overwhelmed by the thousands of decisions you have to make and the things you have to do every single day
  • It seems like everyone around you is accomplishing things more easily than you are
  • You want to make money AND have fun in your business, but don’t know how.
  • You’ve done a lot of personal growth work, and you know what SHOULD work, but it just isn’t
  • It feels like you have to sacrifice everything to make money and succeed, when it was supposed to be easier than this
  • It feels sometimes like you’re fighting yourself, but you’re not sure how to change things

If this resonates, then I have great news: you’re in the right place.
And you’re not alone.

Why Aren’t You Succeeding?

There is now strong scientific evidence that proves that your negative emotions actually interfere with the rational parts of your brain. This means when you experience a fear, anxiety, upset or anger, you literally can’t access all the intelligence, resources and capabilities you have to deal with such emotions.

(Think about the last time you were angry with someone: were you tempted to say things that you would have regretted later?)

I call this your ‘business kryptonite’.

(Remember that Superman was faster than a speeding train, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound… except around kryptonite, which took all his powers away.)

You have super-powers.
You transform people’s lives.
You make a difference in the world with your work.

You also have ‘business kryptonite’.
It saps your strength, and your ability to succeed in business.

And here’s what makes that phenomenon even worse: when a current event or situation triggers the memory of a past negative event you experienced, your brain ‘switches back’ to the original negative event, and you become equipped only with the mental and emotional resources you had when that original event occurred.

For example, let’s say that when you were 13 years old, you decided to tell a boy or girl that you liked them, and asked them out – and you were rejected and humiliated.

Now, 30 years later, you are in the middle of a sales conversation with a potential client. Somehow your prospective client uses a phrase that jars your subconscious into remembering that humiliating rejection you experienced when you were 13.

The kryptonite strikes.

The confidence you had coming into the conversation disappears, and you suddenly feel the same emotions you experienced all those years ago, even if you aren’t even aware of it why it’s happening. You just know you feel uncomfortable and rejected, even if it hasn’t happened yet.

The result? You react exactly as you would have when you were 13. You’re stripped of all the wisdom, knowledge and experience you have gained in the past 30 years, and what you do and say comes from the knowledge and experience you had at age 13.

I’m guessing you don’t want a 13-year-old running your sales conversations.

Here’s how this might play out in this business scenario.


Don’t even ask the person to work with you, but end the conversation early, saying ‘I just knew they were going to say no.’
Discount your rates out of fear, and to overcome the feeling of rejection.

Say or do something that is out of character, or feels ‘stupid’ later, because it was something your 13-year-old self would have said or done.


If you’ve been feeling ineffective in sales conversations, that’s just one example of the way that your business kryptonite can strike.

No matter how much personal growth work you’ve done, unless you’ve gotten rid of the business kryptonite, you’re missing out on your success.

How much is business kryptonite costing you?


Ever experience any of the following?

  • Overwhelm, stress, and procrastination
  • Feeling like you have to constantly discount your rates to be accepted
  • Irritation with clients, colleagues or vendors
  • Fear of being judged, criticized, or targeted as you become successful
  • Exhaustion from constantly fighting your ‘Inner Critic’
  • Fear or dislike of sales or marketing
  • Frustration with an income ceiling that’s too low
  • Feeling like you have to be perfect (even when you know that’s not realistic)

These are evidence you have kryptonite, draining your power and
shutting down your business success

There is a common misconception out there that it is easy to talk yourself through overcoming these types of issues, through the use of sheer willpower.

Have you ever heard:
“Just get comfortable with being uncomfortable”
“You have to do whatever it takes to build your business” (including sacrificing your health, your family, and your happiness!)

So you may try to push through, relying on willpower to do what you need to do.

If you’re solely depending on will power, you are putting out 110% of the effort to receive only 10% of the results.

There is another way.


I’m Pamela Bruner, the millionaire business coach, and founder of “Make Your Success Real”. I haven’t always been this successful. After I trained as a coach, I had what I call an ‘imaginary coaching business’: the kind where you say you’re a coach but you only have two clients, and one of them is coaching for free.

Those times were hard. I hated selling and marketing. I would literally leave networking events, and cry in my car because I was so uncomfortable.

As much as I wanted a successful business, I wanted to serve people, and I knew that I could help people in a powerful way. So I started applying my strategy and mindset techniques to my own business, removed some of my ‘business kryptonite’ and my revenues went from $375/month to over $1,000,000 a year in less than 3 years.

But that’s not the end of the story. Even though some of the kryptonite was gone, I still wasn’t empowered, and after a couple of years of running the business, I was burned out. I didn’t like what I doing, and wanted to walk away. I knew something was wrong, so I went searching for a new secret: the secret to enjoying what I had built, while creating even more success.

After months of study, spending tens of thousands of dollars with multiple coaches, I developed the ‘Empowerment Blueprint.’ This step-by-step system enabled me to dramatically increase the joy and ease of running my business while tripling my profits in less than one year.

Now I’m on a mission to help transformational entrepreneurs – people whose work transform lives and the world, like coaches, healers, consultants and other service professionals – to build businesses and achieve success without the burnout and struggle.

quote$70,000 in three months!”
Hiring a business coach was part of my strategic plan to take my business to the next level because of my wide exposure to many excellent business coaches.

Pamela Bruner stood out head and shoulders above the rest as a master business coach with the exact experience and expertise I needed and wanted. So I expected great things when I hired her…but that’s not what I got.

The first week she had me “tweak” something that resulted in a 4X increase in revenue that literally paid for my entire investment in her coaching program twice over! Next she helped me design and launch a brilliant set of programs – based on what I love to do most – that grossed over $70,000 in 3 months.

She coaches from both her heart and her brilliant mastery of business and I trust her completely as a key player in my business and in my future.

Margaret M. Lynch
Success Coach, EFT ExpertThe Empowerment Blueprint

What if you could simply remove what is stopping you?

I’ve given some people business strategies that they used to six or seven figures in their business. And I’ve seen other equally smart, talented, and hard-working people take the same strategies… and go out of business and have to get jobs.

The difference? The successful people got rid of their kryptonite.

The successful people have EMPOWERMENT.

quoteI’ve tripled my business”
Six months ago I was at a point in my business where I was actually thinking about giving it up and quitting because I just was so paralyzed by my own fears. I didn’t know what the right steps were. And then I met Pamela Bruner. And six months later I’ve tripled my business. I have so much confidence because I know now that I’m not alone. And I don’t know everything and that’s okay. I don’t need to know everything because I have the support and the resources through Pamela that I need to be successful in my business and it’s truly transformed me into a fledgling business owner into a true entrepreneur.

LeeAnn Shattuck
Women'sAutomotiveSolutions.comThe Empowerment Blueprint


The Empowerment Blueprint

The step-by-step system designed to help you get rid of your kryptonite, manifest ideal clients, and accelerate your business success!

Module 1 – Handling Overwhelm

In Module 1, you’ll gain the power to overcome your overwhelm, so your to-do list seems so much more manageable.


  • Learn how to calmly handle your to-do list… even when the unexpected happens
  • Discover how to get more done, and reach your goals, faster than you ever thought possible!
  • Greatly reduce your stress day-to-day, so you enjoy your business.
  • Say good-bye to procrastination, and eagerly attract business growth.
  • Create a platform for empowerment and feeling in control every day.
Module 2 – Silencing your Inner Critic

Are you tired of the little voice in your head that says things like, “that never works,” “who do you think you are?” or “you’re just not good enough!” If you’re sick of trying to suppress the negative chatter, you’ll love this.


  • Learn techniques for transforming that little voice into an enthusiastic cheerleader that supports you as you grow your business.
  • Get a new tool you can access 24/7 that brings instant relief to the negative self-talk.
  • Discover how you can switch from feeling helpless and powerless to feeling confident in a matter of minutes!
  • Identify which of the 3 ‘Internal Limiters’ you currently have, and how to remove each one. (Hint: this will also help your sales conversations with potential clients!)

quoteJust sold a $5000 package!”
I just sold a “HELP! I Need a Miracle” Package <-- I made up that package name yesterday for $4997!!! I was talking to myself in my head about lowering the price and cutting the student a deal (because, before working with Pamela I just charged $100/hour), BUT, I remembered what Pamela wrote to me, "If you're making miracles happen, you need to be paid for miracles!" Sooo, I stuck with the price. And, her biggest concern was if she could make two payments and from where and how fast she could get that first payment to me! This whole process... has truly transformed my life.

Dr. Irene Blinston, Ph.D.
The Empowerment Blueprint

Module 3 – Receiving Money & Charging What You’re Worth

Do you feel like you can’t raise your rates, or can’t charge what you’re worth because no one will pay it? Do you feel like you’d like to make six figures, or seven figures in your business, but you have no idea how to get there? If you have a suspicion that you’re holding yourself back in creating the income and lifestyle you want, but don’t know how you’re sabotaging yourself, this module will make it all clear – AND help you break through your current income ceiling!


  • Identify your internal ‘Money Ceiling’ that’s been keeping you stuck, and expand it – to any income level you want!
  • Learn the ‘3 Ds’ that can keep you from making money, and more importantly, can cause you to lose it. (Don’t worry, you can overcome all of them in this module!)
  • Discover how you can double your income, while taking care of your loyal clients and attracting new ones.
  • Take your ‘Money Goal’ that once seemed impossible…. And make it inevitable!
Module 4 – Get Over Your Fears of Being Visible

Do you struggle with fear of failure, or success? Are you worried that if you’re more visible and successful, you’ll be criticized, judged, or rejected? You’re not alone.

In this powerful module, you’ll:

  • Learn the top three reasons for fear of failure, and the reason that fear of success will sabotage you even more!
  • Identify your ‘Upper Success Limit’ (most people don’t know they have this, so they can’t move it or change it.)
  • Elegantly handle any criticism that comes your way so that instead of being a confidence-buster, it becomes a success-booster.
  • Learn the #1 strategy for removing the fear of success, so you’re open to endless new opportunities!
Module 5 – Loving Marketing & Sales

(even if you currently hate them)

Does marketing feel inauthentic and manipulative? Do you get into a sales conversation and then freeze up, or feel ineffective and unable to talk to a potential client? If you’d rather do laundry than go networking, you’ll love this module!

In this business-changing module, you’ll:

  • Learn the surprising ways that society has oriented you AGAINST business success (and how to turn that around.)
  • Identify the top 10 limiting beliefs about sales, and which ones are stopping you!
  • Discover and eliminate the hidden triggers that may be sabotaging your networking and outreach efforts.
  • Learn a powerful technique that can turn around your sales success in minutes!

quoteThis was the best decision we could have made”
This was the best decision we could have made as new business owners to catapult our business. Pamela Bruner and her team of coaches absolutely deliver in a way that far exceeds our expectations in terms of program content, guidance, and support.

Brad Thompson
www.WellnessWithinCT.comThe Empowerment Blueprint

When you enroll in The Empowerment Blueprint you get:

  • 5 Training Modules
  • Step-by-step Handouts & Templates
  • 5 90-minute LIVE Q&A sessions
  • MP3s of all calls, so you can listen to them over and over
  • A private Facebook forum to connect with your fellow participants, and share questions, challenges, and success!
Bonus #1 – Energy of Money Event
  • Get the tapping support to bust through your money blocks, create an entirely new money consciousness, and expand your income potential exponentially.
Bonus #2 – Get Real Business
  • If you’re excited about the idea of clearing your blocks to success, but still feeling like you need a boost of strategy, this program will give you the jump start you need. Get clarity on your niche, hone your marketing message, and create your high-ticket package so you get well-paid for your gifts.
Bonus #3 – 7 Secrets to Skyrocketing Sales
  • 7 Secrets to Skyrocketing Sales
    Pamela shares powerful tapping routines to remove the 7 hidden saboteurs that keep small business owners and transformational entrepreneurs from selling effectively and with integrity. Tap along with this audio, and watch your comfort with sales, and your effectiveness, take off!
Bonus #4 – Ticket to 3-day event EMPOWER
  • Ticket to 3-day event EMPOWER
    A ticket to Pamela’s 3-day event ‘EMPOWER: Mindset Mastery for Business’ where you’ll get cutting-edge techniques for personal and business empowerment! A $997 value!

quote$4000 in sales last week!”
Pamela’s programs have given me the support and tools to change my entire business model. A few months ago, I was struggling to bring in $500/month from my healing work. Thanks to her coaching, I made $4,000 in sales last week, and I’m just getting started!

Kari Mitchell
www.strawberrylaughter.comThe Empowerment Blueprint

How much is your success worth to you?

You may be wondering how much this is going to cost you.

It’s a reasonable concern; you’re working hard to meet your goals, including increasing your income. So you must fully consider each investment you make.

Let’s be sure to make the distinction between a cost and an investment: a cost is something you incur without expecting a return. An investment, on the other hand, yields a return.

The Empowerment Blueprint is an investment. It’s an investment of time and money that you can expect to pay off, in a big way, as you put to use the techniques you learn.

How much is your success worth? How much is it worth to stop the stress, to stop the hidden sabotage, to get out of your own way and REALLY build a business that you love?

$5000? $10,000?

Right now – and for a limited time – you’ll spend just a fraction of that.

When you join me in The Empowerment Blueprint, you pay as little as $997.

That’s it.

$997 to transform your life, and your business, in a matter of months, or even days.

Remember, I used these techniques once to get to the seven-figure mark, and again to increase my ease and joy, and triple my profits. You too can experience incredible results when you utilize this step-by-step empowerment process!


quotePamela provided expert guidance”
When I first started working with Pamela my business had dwindled to $3000 per month. Ten weeks later it was at $15,000 per month! She provided expert guidance on branding, marketing, and sales for my business. As a special bonus she helped me silence my inner critic. Thank you, Pamela! I know together we will surpass all of my goals.

John English
www.johnenglishcoaching.comThe Empowerment Blueprint

“Yes, but – I’ve done a LOT of motivational and personal growth work. How is your system different?”

Here’s the bottom line: right now, with the ‘business kryptonite’ you carry and the subconscious sabotage, getting results is hard. Think of your subconscious as an elephant, and your conscious as the elephant driver. If the elephant (the subconscious) wants to go in a certain direction, there is very little the driver can do to change it.

Most trainings try to strengthen the conscious (the driver) so it can control the elephant better. However, the elephant is thousands of times stronger, so this technique is exhausting.

You end up relying on willpower, and you become accustomed to the feeling of constantly battling yourself to get anywhere at all.

We teach you to not only stop that elephant (the subconscious sabotage), but to turn it around and get it going in the direction you want. This means you become so much more powerful in pursuing your dreams, and achieving your business goals.

This isn’t a get-fixed-quick scheme. I am giving you the tools – but you have to put in the work to use them correctly.

quoteIt has offered me so much clarity”
“Although I know there is a lot of growth ahead of me that is still unknown, this has offered me so much clarity for where I am right now. It is from this point that I can build my business with confidence. Thank you, Pamela Bruner, for this transformative technique of mastering that inner critic that was getting in my way.”

Terri Ann Heiman
www.naturalforcesstudio.comThe Empowerment Blueprint


Happiness Guarantee:

I understand that I make this investment at no risk. If I don’t love all the great information and transformation, I can let you know before the 3rd class and get a full refund.


Yes, Pamela, I’m ready to be EMPOWERED!

I understand that when I enroll now in the Empowerment Blueprint Program, I’ll receive:

    • The Empowerment Blueprint ProgramValue $997
      includes trainings, live Q&A calls, mp3s, private FB forum
      • Energy of Money Virtual EventValue $497
        • Get Real Business ProgramValue $147
          • 7 Secrets to Skyrocketing SalesValue $197
            • Ticket to 3-day event EMPOWERValue $1997
            • Total Value $3829

            Your investment:

            Easy-Pay Option: 4 payments of just $279

            Pay-in-full and save: Just $997

            quotePamela is amazing, available, powerful, and inspiring”
            Pamela is amazing, available, powerful, and inspiring. I have let go of so many limiting beliefs and gotten the support I’ve needed to know my target market and make my business actually happen BIG!

            Anne McInnis
            www.annemcinnis.comThe Empowerment Blueprint

            P.S. Imagine yourself six months from now. Has your level of success changed? Or are you still working too hard, and not getting the results you want? You don’t want to spend another minute struggling for your success. When you are empowered, your business flows, and grows much more quickly!